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It’s Time for America to
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of Early New England!

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Dear fellow American patriot, do you –

  • Want to be liberated from the clouded Victorian mindset that has misguided our recollections of early Plymouth for far too many unsuspecting generations?
  • Want to experience the old-world charm and ambiance of the real Thanksgiving?
  • Want to help make it fashionable and fun to celebrate our amazing, uniquely American melting-pot heritage?
  • Want to help catapult Thanksgiving into all its long-lost potential for compassion and American camaraderie?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place for a wonderful new holiday approach!


Introducing Your #1 Holiday Source for
1621 Time Travel Entertainment!



Get the Gold Standard in
Historical Thanksgiving How-to Books



Beyond rote tradition lays a sleeping giant of fun for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Not that a traditional Thanksgiving is void of fun, but have you ever stopped to ponder
what that early event was really like, and what it would be like to
experience it more fully?

Ponder for a moment all the laughter you and your family will have
as you stomp your own grapes for juice, make your own “nog” from a period recipe,
or eat at a table set in unfamiliar, yet authentic old-world style...

Wouldn’t the novelty and the laughter be great?

If you can imagine these kinds of great activities and more, then you’re an
explorer at heart, and stand only in need of a personal time-travel guide!

With this complete 3 Sun Thanksgiving™ series at your fingertips
you’ll learn from period source documents and knowledgeable historians everything
you need to know to transform your Thanksgiving celebrations into a living odyssey quest!

With never before revealed detail, you’ll learn how to authentically
re-create the food, games, décor, music, clothing, household items,
weapons, and customs of early Plymouth, both English and native Wampanoag.

Of course you’ll have to get rid of what you think you know about the first
thanks-giving event, supposed Puritan life, and American Indian culture. In so
many ways it just flat-out isn’t / wasn’t what we’ve been taught to believe!

That's right: No goofy black and white Puritans... and no Buffalo Bill 19th
century plains Indians. (That was all the Victorians knew of our forefathers.)

No, you can be among those who get it right from now on!

From authentic period cuisine, to stunning period garb, you’ll have
everything you need – including a beginner’s sewing lesson series and
historical costuming manual – to help you take
your family, community, and church group activities to the next level!

Your 3 Sun Thanksgiving™ Historical Hobby Value Pack includes:


    • The American Patriot’s Treasury of Historical Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
    • Reproducible Thanksgiving History Coloring Pages
    • Next Generation Thanksgiving Lesson Plans: Teach with Excellence!
    • A Combo Guide to Beginning Sewing and Authentic Period Costuming


This Value Pack is the Perfect Compliment
to a 3 Sun Family Membership!

With the 3 Sun Thanksgiving™ Historical Hobby Value Pack you’ll be well on
your way to culturally rich, and fascinating holiday observances. Not only will
these resources change your American world-view, but they’ll
launch you into fellowship with others from across the country who
share a love for all of our wonderfully diverse American roots.

Included with the Historical Hobby Value Pack you’ll receive a complimentary
copy of our Alliance Revival article, which will cause you to marvel
at all the potential for human compassion that is laying quietly dormant in our
beloved Thanksgiving holiday.

If you want to awaken the full measure of Thanksgiving, and join with
others in restoring one of the greatest alliances in American history;
and if you’d love to see the worst poverty in America remedied just like it was
in 1621, then you may very well find the Historical Hobby Value Pack an enlightening
spring-board into the fellowship.

...And the Value Pack is a mere fraction of retail book prices!

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